Monday Recap

So I was supposed to weigh in for Chandra’s Challenge Monday morning but I was kinda on a ship with no access to a scale so I will weigh in Tuesday morning.

We ordered breakfast and I had cereals and skim milk and a little yogurt. The BF ate the other stuff. Lunch was a LC meal with a salad. I went to TJ’s on my lunch and got some salad stuff because I had no veggies or fruit.I also had a piece of dark chocolate πŸ™‚ It is healthy for your soul you know.Afternoon snack was greek yogurt and pineapple. I ate that whole container of pineapple. I am such a beast with fruit. I don’t know what it is but fruit is like Lay’s to me, “You can’t have just one” That’s Lay’s right? I don’t know…anyways, I added a little PB to the yogurt because it needed something.
Dinner was an egg burrito with a little queso and ketchup. I also had some of my dad’s fries. Opps!
Dessert was a VitaTop and some watermelon (no pic). I was going to share it since I wasn’t that hungry, but they’re just too good πŸ™‚

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