Sunday, Funday

So since what was supposed to be my long run on Saturday totally sucked I ran a few miles on Sunday to make myself feel like all hope was not lost. Much better.

We had a pretty crazy day planned and after my run we went for a short bike ride. We made a detour to the store so I could get some frozen waffles since I am obsessed with these PB&J&B on waffles sammies right now. After church we had a quick lunch of leftover pizza. It’s not delivery, it was DiGiornio (did I spell that right?) from yesterday. It was not good the next day! Boo to that, so I just had a couple of bites and let the BF go at it.
I had most of this Lara bar for my lunch.
Then, it was the BF’s B-day extravaganza. Actually, his B-day is not until next Sunday, but we will be on a CRUISE so we celebrated with my fam this weekend! Here is the lemon cake I made! It turned out sooooooo good. It was the first time I was making a cake from scratch, so I was a little nervous. But, it came out great and the BF was super happy πŸ™‚ I am very proud of myself too!
For dinner we had kabobs, potato salad and corn. I also ate a ton of chips and dip while cooking, socializing and stuff.

The wind would not let the candles stay lit!
Here is a pic of my famous-from-scratch Lemon Cake! Can you tell how excited I am that I didn’t mess this up? Don’t judge me my mom didn’t teach me to even boil water so any thing I do well in the kitchen is against the odds.
I also ate some other bites of potato salad and chicken and a bunch of fruit salad – no pics. I was a ditz I guess. Sorry. But, overall the event was a success!

So anyways, did you catch that I mentioned we are going on a Cruise? It’s just one of those 3 day cruises where we leave Friday and come back super early Monday. But, it’s the first cruise for both of us and we are really excited. I hadn’t mentioned it before because it was supposed to be a surprise for the BF’s b-day, but he had already guessed it and I tried to keep it a secret, but I knew he knew. So, I printed out the itinerary and gave it to him today. At least now I can talk about it on the blog! I wanted to post right away after I made the reservations because I was thinking, “How the heck am I going to stay on track on a cruise with all the delicious and free food they have?” Help!

I’ll be back in a bit. Have a good one πŸ™‚


5 Responses

  1. Hey! I found your blog today and started reading, great job with the cake! Its looks delicious:]

  2. Wonderful job on the cake! It looks delish. πŸ™‚

  3. The lemon cake looks great! Looks like you did a great job and it probably meant even more ’cause you made it yourself…from SCRATCH! Uh, yeah, I didn’t even know for a long time that cakes didn’t have to come from a box! Good job!

  4. Frozen pizza is just never good the next day eh? I don’t get it, how do those darn delivery pizzas make theirs still taste good the next day? Sigh.

    The cake looks great though! And good job on a successful first. Homemade cakes are always so great. I love making them for family members’ birthdays, even if I’m definitely no cake expert.

    A three day cruise is exciting! Have a great time and take lots of pics!

  5. Thanks ladies! I was super excited about making a cake from scratch. I guess all that watching the Food Network pays off!

    Lighter, you’re right how the heck does delivery still taste so good next day?

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