Friday recap

So, I worked from home Friday again and it was less than perfect, but not totally tragic. I did stand in front of the cupboards a couple of times and eat chips out of the bag. I didn’t binge on cereal or other crap. So, I am making progress, but not at where I want to be.

I woke up hungry and had a naner with PB. Here is a representation:I took a long walk with the dogs since I usually have been doing my long runs on Saturdays and my legs feel a lot better if I take a day of rest the day before. Breakfast was a cereal medley with nf milk.
I cut up a watermelon and this didn’t fit in the tupperware so I had to eat it 🙂 I think I purposely chose a smaller tupperware for this reason.
I snacked on carrots while making lunch to be healthy and get in some veggies.
Look at that steam! I made the last of the soy chorizo with 3 egg whites and a high fiber tortilla. So good!
I had random snacks through out the afternoon because I was so stressed with work and other life stuff. I realized this but still couldn’t stop myself from eating when I wasn’t hungry. Boo. One of the snacks that I managed to get a pic of was this Vita Top – corn flavor. This is not “corn-y” enough for me. They are just okay. I do highly recommend their chocolate flavors, but they’re expensive.
I also had turkey with cheese melted in the micro. I put one of these on a piece of wheat bread with light mayo (no pic).
I wasn’t hungry till pretty late from all the snacking, but I figured I should eat something so I didn’t keep snacking until midnight. My mom got her and Matt Chinese food for dinner so I ate their left overs. Why is greasy Chinese food so freakin’ good?!
Then, I made a big salad with wheat berries and TJ’s peanut dressing. I like wheat berries a thousand times more on a salad then in my oats. I don’t know why, but I am super obsessed with them now.
Dessert! We were supposed to go out for drinks for a friend’s b-day, but they didn’t end up going out so plans were cancelled. I really needed a drink after such a crazy week, but the BF didn’t have anything I wanted. I did pick up Golden Spoon though 🙂 I also had a couple of sips of a margarita so I was a happy camper. Ice cream and alcohol = the end to a crazy week!


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