Wednesday, all day

So, I get a call early Wednesday that the computers are down at work and I should work from home. Yeah! But, not really, because I am pretty stressed right now and being at home ALL DAY with too much comida is not good. Boo. I would say see below, but I neglected to take pictures of what made the most damage – snacks!

Breakfast started out okay – cereal, naner, nf then some fruit mid morning
Then, I started eating this Pub Mix that is so good, but all just white carbs and powdered cheese. Yum! I mean, “Bad!”

My mom is a teacher and is home for the summer so she made tuna, which I made into a tuna melt. It turns out tuna is better just being tuna and not a melt. I just remember my Grams getting tuna melts from a local burger place and they were amazing! But, I guess you need real sourdough and cheese and grease to make a winner sometimes.
Chocolate was in order because I was at home and it was there of course.
Then, I ate a ton of H2H and a big smoothie – like 2 of these glasses! I was uncomfortably full after this. I think I must have ate something else at some point too, but I forget what.
I ate some cereal on the way home from the store “to try it”. I have a really bad habit of eating food that I just bought from the store on the way home.
We went out for Chinese food for dinner. I love this little place by my house, but they don’t have anything healthy. We did get mushroom chicken, string beans, eggplant and fried rice. I ate 2x what is here and a fortune cookie. I need to work on taking a pics of EVERYTHING I EAT. That is the only way to see what is really going in my mouth and to my ass!


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