Walking Club

Here is a picture of the guys I walk with during lunch. From the left: Matt, Miguel, Me and Terence. Matt is moving to Boston next week and we are all super bummed so we wanted to capture a picture of our Walking Club before he left. The guys are trying to throw up WC for walking club with their hands, I know we’re lame. I did one of my signature Spice Girls moves – the Peace Sign. Woo-woo. Good luck Matt! Walking club won’t be as cool without you ๐Ÿ™‚ Lunch was a Lean Cuisine panini with broccoli. I bought a Cost Co bag of broccoli, so I basically have to eat it at every meal for the next week. Stay tuned for broccoli cereal for breakfast.
Here is the box. I love LC’s pizzas and paninis! I don’t have to miss out on “bad” food just because I am trying to lose weight and be healthy!
The panini needed a little kick so I searched the office for hot sauce. Look at what I found – the world’s largest Tapatio bottle. We don’t mess around here.
I had some grapes and this crappy Fruit Crisp for an afternoon snack. Actually, I took the picture and then talked myself out of eating it because it wouldn’t do anything for my hunger since it’s all sugar and white flour…

So I switched it out for some PB on bread with grapes. But then I went back and ate the stupid Fruit Crisps anyways! That was dumb! Boo to Monica.
I am still feeling sick so I had some salad for dinner
and canned chicken noodle soup with some All Bran crackers. It was okay, I wasn’t really that hungry anymore, but I ate it all. I need to continue working on listening to my body when I am eating or before I eat.
Ice cream was necessary because my throat hurt. Cold ice cream = soothing to my throat ๐Ÿ™‚


5 Responses

  1. Hey Monica,

    I saw your comment on Kath’s blog. You can email me at lisajdiaz@gmail.com. I’ll be glad to share some DC info with you :). I’ve been here about 3 years now since I graduated college its a fun area.

    PS I feel you on the life crisis with the job situation and trying to figure out what to do! I’m in the sameeeee boat.

  2. Obviously, I agree with you about the ice cream.

  3. I LOVE All Bran crackers! Did you get the Multigrain or Garlic and Herb kind?

  4. Haha that picture of you and the Walking Club cracked me up!

    I’ve heard of people making green smoothies with broccoli–maybe some experimenting is in your future XD But broccoli cereal sounds fun too!

  5. Lisa- will do thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Arielle – I know right? Ice cream cures all ills.

    Cookie – Garlic all the way, but I like the Multigrain too!

    Oatmeal – Hmmm, a broccoli smoothie sounds gross, but I may have to consider it!

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