Monday Dinner

I had some fruit in the afternoon – apples and grapes. But, then after the fruit left me with an empty feeling in my stomach so I had a handful of trail mix. Isn’t that so weird that apples can make you hungrier than you were before? The BF had a stressful day at work and decided we should go out for dinner. A good drink was the only requirement for dinner so we decided on Mexican because of the margaritas. Luckily when we got there we saw that Happy Hour was still on! Margaritas were half price!
We ordered 3 of them over the course of dinner, I probably had less than half of one. They were too salty. She asked if we wanted salt on them and of course we said yes, but I think they put salt IN them and not just ON the rim. The BF really wanted to drink so he enjoyed them at least.

I started out with too many chips, good salsa and a sad salad. The salad was basically just lettuce with a couple of little tortilla strips on top. I got ranch on the side.

I ordered chicken mole for dinner because I had never ordered it myself. I think I’ve tasted it with someone else or something because I knew what it was. Anyways, it was good.


I also ate some of the BF”s crab enchiladas. They were good, but for some reason I wasn’t in love with them like I thought I would be.


2 Responses

  1. secre ingredient in mole = cocoa baby! 🙂 nice!

  2. Simple – YOU ROCK!!! The BF totally did not know and I thought it was so funny because he didn’t believe me at first. It is so random.

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