Jacked up

So, the eyebrow girl talked me into dyeing my brows because they are so light. I have big ol’ eyes and it does look better for me to have thicker eyebrows, but you can’t see them because they are so blond. It’s weird my eyelashes and brows are super light so I look like an albino without make up. I need to post a pic for you guys of me without make and with makeup. Most people just think they look different – I look like 2 different people. If you don’t believe me ask and I will post pics. It’s crazy. Anyways, here is a pic of my eyebrows with most of my makeup rubbed off. Don’t ask why it is sideways or why all this crap is underlined. Now, here are my new and questionably improved brows:

Notice how red I am from getting waxed. I always look super jacked up after because my skin is so sensitive. Ouch. I think they are way too dark now. They look darker in person. I went to my mom’s after and she was like, “What did you do to your eyebrows? Why are they so dark?” – Not a good reaction. The girl said it would wash out in 2 weeks. Hopefully, it will lighten up soon because they really stand out.
Now on to foodies: Lunch started with broccoli, which I still am obsessed with lately.
and PB&J,
plus a ton of watermelon.
I went to TJ’s on my lunch and picked up some Tempting Trail Mix. It is tempting! I couldn’t keep my hand out of the bag. I don’t know what to do. I planned on keeping it here at work for a snack fix, but I don’t want to just keep eating it because it’s so tempting! Ahhh! Anyways, I ate some more trail mix with some Smart Bran cereal and yogurt.

Dinner was a bunch of stuff, most of which I didn’t get pics of – half a ww roll with smart balance, some left over spaghetti and the main event:
An Asian Chicken salad with lettuce, shrooms, tomato and TJ’s peanut dressing. I love it!
Dessert was a Vita Top with a little ice cream and some cereal out of the box – oops!


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