Food Stealer

Lunch was nothing exciting, but I loved it – PB&J, a peach and carrots. I was still a little hungry so I had a piece of bread with more PB&J. Then, I started stealing food. Okay, not really stealing, but my friend offered me some of her fries and I couldn’t say no to thick diner fries! I am not a machine. Sorry, no pic of the fries, but they were good 🙂
Then another friend offered me a piece of falafel. I didn’t want to let this little guy go uneaten so I accepted. It was really good too!
Even though I stole a bunch of food today I still ate my snack – but I wasn’t even hungry for it! I am still working on listening to my body when I eat. I had a string cheese, iced tea and some triscuits. For some reason the iced tea made it into the pic, but the crackers did not.

When I got home and was making dinner I heated up some leftover beans and ate it with hot sauce. This was my appetizer. I know it looks gross, but I love beans.
The main event was a pita pizza. I also had a half an english muffin pizza after this.
My mom’s friend sent over some carrot cake. See how excited Matt is to try it? Well, his excitement was contagious, so I had some too. At least we went for a long walk after this.
We made some “Good for You Cookies” a little later and I ate one. The recipe is coming up next.


2 Responses

  1. that pita pizza looks awesome!

  2. Thanks 🙂 I go through these phases of being obsessed with them and eating them everynight for dinner.

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