Red cane cola

Look at my cool new sandwich holder! I bought a whole new lunch box and a bunch of tupperware. I was super excited to pack my lunch on Monday. What a nerd – I know. Anyways here is some of my new lunch tupperware. I’ll show you my HUGE new lunch box tomorrow. No really, it’s HUGE. Like, I should be embarrassed about how big it is. My friend wanted to do a coffee run this afternoon. I am not a big coffee person, but I wanted something. I tried Seattle’s Best new Red Cane Cola – the reduced sugar version. Unfortunately, I cannot find their nutrition information, so I have no idea what the cal/sugar/fat info is. Boo! I hate that. It is ridiculous for them to not have that available for people who want to be informed consumers. Boo again!
My afternoon snack was some Kashi and greek yogurt. I sweetened the yogurt with splenda because I think it is gross and sour just plain. No thanks.


6 Responses

  1. I have that same tupperware that your cereal is in!

    Tag, you’re it! Check my blog for details!

  2. I had the same frustration with Seattle’s Best! I can tell you two things I learned from looking into it:
    1. They are owned by Starbucks.
    2. Employees are required to present you with the binder of nutritional info upon request. This is how I discovered that my (formerly) favorite “Reduced-Fat Banana Loaf” (the one slice) was 500 calories and 36g of fat. Even the cashier/employee was astounded and said “Uh, reduced from WHAT?”

  3. Chandra – Roger that, I’ll do it today 🙂

    Elise – are you freakin kidding me that Reduced Fat Banana loaf is 500 cals! Thanks for the heads up on getting the nutrition info 🙂

  4. I was trying to find out if the Red Cane Kola was any good and found your write-up. I had just looked up the nutritional info so…if you still care…

  5. Thanks Erin!

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