Wednesday Recap

Lunch started very healthy with broccoli and cherries
The main even was an egg salad sandwich made with one egg and a little mayo plus S&P on a bagel. These bagels are so good – They are from Western Bagel and they’re called Perfect 10. They have 140 calories and 9grams of fiber and 18g protein. What the heck!
I also had 2 pieces of dark chocolate 🙂 My fortune is “Make “someday” today”
Watermelon was the PM snack.

plus a Zone bar. These suckers are like candy but better!
When I got home I had a handful of Sun Chips and a couple of nuts- no pic. My mom and I took the dogs for a long walk. When I got back I wanted fruit. This perfectly ripe mango made my night.
Then, I made a PB & Naner smoothie and all was right with the world.
But, I still felt “snacky” so I had some popcorn and a couple of bites of mac’n cheese.


2 Responses

  1. OMG I want that bagel so bad. It looks like heaven. I wish there were a Western bagel in DC. 140 calories? That is like a third of a normal bagel. And the texture looks amazing! Man, do those look GOOD!

  2. They are super good and perfectly chewy. I actually just get them from Ralph’s so you might be able to hunt them down in DC. Do you have Ralph’s over there?

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