Today I love … smiley faces ;)

I thought I might be doing a long run tomorrow so I just took a long walk this morning. I was switching it up because we were going to go to Yosemite for the weekend and I needed to get in a long run before we went on Friday morning. Well, it turns out Yosemite is burning down and with the air quality being so bad it’s probably not a good idea to try and hike Half Dome this Saturday. So, there’s goes my weekend plans! But, now I can run on Saturday like normal, so all is not lost, but I am super bummed 😦

I cut off a little carrot cake muffin to start the day – this stuff is great heated in the micro for a few seconds.
Since everyone is on a huevos for breakie kick I thought I would jump on the bandwagon too! I made a 3-egg white scramble with a piece of cheese and some hot sauce and ketchup plus a ww english muffin.

Many cherries were consumed shortly after 🙂
Lunch started with fruit and veggies – watermelon and broccoli 🙂 I also had the same bagel from yesterday, well not the same same one because I obviously ate the one from yesterday, but the same kind – it was PB&J today 😉 Coffee Bean! I have been craving a blended drink from Coffee Bean. I got a Malibu Dream made with No Sugar Added powder – only 200 cals for a Regular! Yum!!!
and so sad looking Triscuits…


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