Quick Tuesday Recap

Hello everyone sorry I was MIA yesterday. I am super stressed out about trying to figure out what I am going to do with my life. I am debating between going back to school or just finding a job in the industry I want to get into. It’s complicated.

Breakfast was oatmeal with banana, skim milk, brown sugar and some PB. Heaven. This is an amazing combo. I don’t think I can ever get sick of it. I put some extra milk on top to cool off the oats since it’s so warm here.
I had a handful of almonds when I got hungry mid-morning. It was double what is shown here though!
Lunch was a turkey pita and a big salad. I love this new peanut dressing. I want to eat a salad at every meal so I can keep eating it.

I also had some triscuits (no pic) with lunch.
I don’t know if I was hungry, bored or dehydrated, but I got hungry about an hour and a half after lunch. So I had my afternoon snack early: apple and yogurt with fiber cereal.
At some point I had a piece of chocolate and a mini Kit-Kat that was stale somehow.
I went grocery shopping after work – hungry. Never shop hungry! I know better than that. Anyways I bought this junk and ate one.

Dinner was at this Hawaiian BBQ place by my apartment. The BF and I saw this sweet potato pastry things and had to try them since we both love sweet potatoes. Here he is trying the first bite:The guts! It was filled with a purple paste that tasted like sweet potato, so it was probably Taro. We figured the people who make it knew most people don’t know what Taro is and would not want to try it. Side note: Yogurtland has Taro frozen yogurt that I’m obsessed with!
Here is the package with one missing…
I ordered the grilled mahi-mahi with brown rice and veggies. Even though it was grilled it was still pretty oily from the cooking. I also had a piece of the BF’s chicken (that was fried) and a few bites of macaroni salad. I know that crap is bad for you, but is so good!


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