Peanut Butter Bumpers

I have tried Peanut Butter Bumpers in the past and liked them, but here’s a review for your reading pleasure…
This food find combines two of my favorite things: PB and cereal! It was on sale yesterday and I wanted a sweet cereal to mix with my healthy cereals so this seemed like a great choice. The cereal looks a little like Kix, but is lightly coated with Peanut Butter flavor so it is has a smoother texture and is sweeter. It is similar in taste to PB Puffins, but in a different shape.
The nutrition panel is okay for a “sugar” cereal. 1 cup serving – 130 calories, 2.5g fat, 1g fiber, 3g protein. I prefer my breakfast to have a lot of fiber and some protein to keep me full and start my day off right. So, this cereal is more like a treat than a breakfast staple – like PB Puffins.
Peanut Butter Bumpers would be great in a homemade trail mix, a topping for yogurt or ice cream or added to your morning cereal for a sweet kick.

2 Responses

  1. Dang… I gotta get me some of those!!

    And (from you previous post)…those Costco dry roasted almonds are SUPER addictive! I would probably have had 7 times one of your handfuls!

  2. Hi Gliding 🙂 It seems my almonds are going super fast as everyone who comes by my desk is taking a handful. I better start eating them faster!

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