Word up Wednesday

So, there was chocolate b-day in the afternoon, which I managed to avoid. I did not however avoid more Dark Chocolate Dreams on a piece of bread + some random tastes 🙂 Dinner was tofu, veggies and couscous. I love this combo because I love all these food individually. I have to admit that I ate a bunch of tofu and couscous while cooking though, so I had a lot more than this. I did the freeze/thaw/drain method for the tofu and it was super spongy and chewy, but I liked it. I don’t think my mom did though…
Dessert was an ice cream bar + some handfuls of graham crackers (no pic). This bar got cracked in transport, still tastes great though.
I did snack after my one and done snack, but I am slowly getting out of the habit of non-stop nighttime eating. I think this does have something to do with eating more during the day.


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