Friday night movie

Lunch Friday was tuna! I got my car’s oil changed and was shopping around for over 2 hours. I was super hungry when I got home and ate a whole can of tuna with a little lf mayo and relish and some thin Triscuits.

My cat smelled the tuna and insisted on sharing my lunch. I also snacked on a little bag of trail mix.
Dinner was a bunch of chips while cooking, then fake chicken broccoli and brown rice. I didn’t add enough broccoli and I think the fake chicken is already pretty salty so this dish was way toooo salty. Like, we could barely eat it. Both the BF and I just had a couple of bites and picked at other things.
I snuck some snacks into the movies. We went to see WALL E. There are PB Puffins, Shredded Oats, chocolate chips and a piece of chocolate in the bag. I don’t think I ate the chocolate piece.
The theatre was way too crowded so we had to wait till the later show. In the meantime we shared a Pinkberry. This place is like the most popular thing right now in So Cal. It’s really good, but doesn’t compare with Yogurt Land. I don’t think you understand the wonder of serving your own frozen yogurt and toppings. I la la la love it more than any other ice cream in the world!


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