Cinnabon Dinner

So, here are the Cinnabons for my brother’s birthday. I put sprinkles on them to make them festive. A Cinnabon Birthday Cake! I was forced to eat a ton of frosting while transferring them from the box to this platter. It has got to be full of horrible fats, but I figure on my death bed my biggest regret will not involve eating too much frosting!
Here are my 2 brothers while we were singing Happy Birthday.
We went out to dinner at a cute local restaurant. The meal started with garlic cheese bread. This stuff was super greasy with butter and cheese, but it was so good. Hey, I’m a carb girl. As hard as I try to resist I love bread baskets! I also ate half of another piece.

I wasn’t that full from a lot of snacking before dinner (see below), so I ordered soup and salad for dinner. The soup was minestrone, but basically it was a vegetable soup. There was no beans or pasta in it. I’m not complaining, I was super low on veggies and needed this.
I also stole some of Matt’s spaghetti.
Dessert was ice cream and some Cinnabon (not pictured). I was pretty full, but my sweet tooth was calling.
Okay – earlier in the day… I had some watermelon around lunch time to hold me over since I was going to be running an errand on lunch.

Lunch was yogurt and a PB&J on a ww english muffin.
A little while later I had the other half of a Luna bar from the other day.
After picking up my Mom and Matt from the airport we had a snack back at home. I made quesadillas on corn tortillas with some guacamole.
I wanted a little more guac so I ate it with these. Not bad. Can you see my mom in the background? Ha. She’s going to get mad. Too bad.


3 Responses

  1. I love that about the frosting. So true.

  2. Can I tell you something and you promise you won’t judge me: I ate an entire watermelon yesterday πŸ™‚ I can’t remember the last time that happened, though I’ve most certainly come close! It was so wonderful I was happy as a little clam! (Obviously, that’s not all I ate… That’d be stupid… but I just had to share it with you!) I also bought these melons called “Musk Melons” which are basically GIANT and super sweet cantaloups… I also consumed one of these yesterday πŸ™‚ It was totally a fruit day and I ADORED every OUNCE of it!

  3. […] since it was cold. Boo. In case you’re new to R.E.R, I “made” my brother a Cinnabon Cake for his b-day last […]

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