Beans, beans the musical fruit…

Wednesday’s lunch was 3 parts and all delicious! I started out with a bunch of cherries. These babies are super sweet. My main course was TJ’s organic Black Bean Soup. I love this stuff. It is very filling and tasty. The whole can has about 200 calories and lots of fiber and protein because of the beans!
I always eat soup with either crackers or bread, but I didn’t have any. I did have a 100-calorie bag of popcorn though. I ended up waiting a little while after eating my soup to pop the bag because I knew it would be too hard to eat it at the same time without either the soup or the popcorn getting cold. I like my hot food super hot!
My afternoon snack was H2O melon,

and a ww english muffin with LC cheese and some jam on one side. This was too much snack for my afternoon hunger. I was SUPER FULL after and felt gross. Damn it I need to find the perfect snack that 1. stops my afternoon hunger and 2. doesn’t make me too full for dinner. (Because we all know I am gonna eat dinner either way.)
Fish Tacos! I made fish tacos for dinner and a side salad. Well, I made fish tacos for me and meat tacos for the BF – he doesn’t really like fish. I also ate a couple of chips with guacamole, a tortilla with a little Ranchero cheese and topped my tacos with a little guac while eating (no pics). Bad Monica for eating while cooking! But, seriously, do you guys eat this cheese? It is soooo good! It’s the crumbly Mexican cheese that is sometimes on tacos or salads or stuff like that. I put it on a hot corn tortilla and let it melt a little – heaven. Dessert – I was very full after dinner, but a chocolate fix was necessary. I had a square of dark chocolate. Can you see Bailey in the background? Ha.
I also had a bite of this pan I bought for the BF. Eh, it was okay.


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