Today I love… cereal

Hello! Since I am on the west coast I always feel like I am so behind in posting since other bloggers practically already have their dinner up!

I have been feeling sick since last week: tired, upset stomach that stuff. I have not felt like running since Thursday. I got up and made myself do 6m today, but I suffered through all of it. Boo. I don’t know what’s up with me. I might actually be sick, but since last week? That’s very weird for me.

Breakfast was Flax Plus, PB Puffins and Kashi Go Lean mixed with a naner and nf milk. I do love cereal! This made me pretty full. I ate around 8:30am and got hungry at around 10:45am. That’s not much different from yesterday’s breakfast where I got hungry at 11am. Hmmm. I want to find a meal that keeps me full until 12pm since I eat breakfast pretty late. If I eat a morning snack I won’t be hungry at lunch. Maybe I should just eat lunch earlier?


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