Snacky Tuesday

So, after my PB&J lunch I was still hungry! I ate half a Luna bar to fill me up. I would hate to think that my current favorite lunch is not filling enough! Since I got my chocolate tooth started… I had a piece of dark chocolate. I bought a HUGE bad of these from Cost Co. I am hoping that even though I have 563 pieces of chocolate they will help with portion control.
My afternoon snack was a banana with cottage cheese. I got the cottage cheese to up my protein intake. But, I was a little disappointed – this was not as filling as I thought it would be. Boo. I need a good and filling snack for the afternoons so I don’t come home and eat everything in site!
Dinner was leftover pasta and a salad. Nothing exciting, but still delicious.
Food find! I will be posting a review of these later, but I ate half this bar.

Dessert! I found these at Target while just shopping around. It was like I came upon buried treasure I was so excited. I was going to get ice cream anyways and these have built in portion control. (Even though I did want to go back for a second one after I finished it.) They are a delicious ice cream treat for 150 calories. I would have eaten more than 150 cals of ice cream if I would have gotten a gallon. Even the fat free stuff has 130 cals for half a cup and I eat more than that.
Another food find! Actually, I sampled this Bear Naked granola at Whole Foods before. I didn’t buy it because I knew I would eat it all in one day and hate myself. But, I found it at Big Lots for only $3.50 for this big bag. I could not pass that up. Well, I should have. I could not stop eating it! I is amazing. Food review will follow.
Summary: went over my daily calorie goal for the day due to after dinner snacks. I was super uncomfortably full after eating so much granola. I need to find a way to make my treats fit into my daily calorie goals.


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  1. try pairing the cottage cheese with either an apple or pear, or even berries. These all have a ton of fiber and that will help fill you up more. I love bananas and they fill me up right after I eat them but don’t hold me over very well and I think it’s because they don’t have as much fiber as other fruit.

    i also really like to snack on those 100-calorie bags of kettle corn. i really like the sweet/salty combo and it takes me a really long time to eat, which is always a plus.

    once i thought i would be able to control myself with granola. i was wrong, the bag was gone in about an hour.

  2. Those Edy’s bars are so good! cookies and cream right?

  3. I would try to eat more calories during the day and that will control your late night eating. I use to save up calorie for night, but your more active during the day and better off fueling your body earlier and than at night you wont feel the need to snack maybe just have one of your dark choc squares.


  4. Sarah, while I agree about the fruit = fiber rule, I always get so hungry after eating apples! RIDIC. (I know) but they always make my stomach ROAR with hunger! So. Freaking. Odd.

    Actually, now that I think about it, today I ate an apple with my Yogurt, (after eating a peach though) and it kept me full for about 4 hrs (til lunchers); however, this is a rarity

  5. i think you are a volume eater, right? that’s how i am. i always try to satisfy myself with denser/smaller amounts of foods (nuts, granola, pb etc)– but i eat these foods the same way i eat the low density foods (like watermelon). so when it comes to snacky things like granola, cereals, nuts, etc.,… i really just try not to keep them in my house. i’ll keep the full bags/boxes at work and bring home baggies of what i’m okay with eating each day/night– cuz i know whatever i bring home i’ll just eat all of. dunno if that helps you, but also consider shakes! you can find different protein/powders (i’ve tried live harvest hemp, golean, spirutein, carnation instant bfast)and blend with ice/milk and fruits and this becomes a satisfying (and often CHOCOLATE!! hehe) creation. plus it takes some time and effort to make so you are more satisfied with it for that reason too. i try to have shakes with one “treat” before bed to have a concrete “one and done snack” that is big enough so i’m satisfied, instead of letting myself graze/nibble which turns into a lengthy food fest. it’s personal though, the shakes just work for me.

  6. sarah – thanks 🙂 I have cottage cheese right now so I can totally pair it up with an apple or berries and see how it works. Yeah, I am afraid of that granola I bought. I don’t know what to do with it now!

    Arielle – Yes, I had the cookies and cream flavor. So good.

    Christie, I do think I save calories for the night time since I know it’s my habit to eat then, but I am more active during the day.

    Simple – nice to see ya lady! Yogurt and fruit also sound like a good combo 🙂 might have to do that with some chopped fruit

    Anon- I have been thinking about protein shakes, my friend suggested them too. I have to look into one that is chocolate and not too many calories. Thanks for the “one and done” idea for a night time snack!

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