I totally thought I already posted Wednesday

I thought I posted my Wednesday, but apparently not. Oh well, sorry for the delay… I’ll just recap quickly and move on to today’s stuff 🙂

I did 7 miles today, nothing special to report back. Breakfast was a mix of Flax Plus and PB Puffins with nf milk. I am almost done with these and will think about what I should do about my breakfast situation before buying more.
Cherries for a happy snack.
Lunch was different for me. We have a cafeteria here in the building and I never have eaten there. I have picked up a few things from the salad bar to add to my lunch, but that is it. But, we are moving buildings and I’ve been thinking about eating there before we go because I don’t want to regret never having tried it. Besides, people in my office always have great smelling food and it makes my PB&J seem sad.
Lunch was brown rice with a little chicken on top and some steamed broccoli and a salad with lettuce, cucs and kidney beans and a little ranch dressing. It was so good, but I was a little grossed out by the chicken. Sometimes I just don’t like the texture of meat. Ewww. I have gotten away from my vegetarian habits and will get back on board with that very soon.
OMG! I did it again. I am out of control with the aspartame lately and I just got a comment on the blog about how horrible aspartame is! Ahhh! I didn’t see it until after I drank this. Damn it all! What is the point of running and eating right if I am going to trash my body with this crap. No, if I am going to do something to hurt my health I always said it would be crack.

Uvas for snackage. I obviously ate more than this, because that’s what I do.I also had a yogurt for snack.

Then, my co-worker offered me a cookie. I saw these being sold in our cafeteria and resisted buying them because there were like 4 in the bad and I knew I would eat them all.
They are from Isabella’s Cookie Company. They are a local company and I think you can only buy them in stores here in California, but you can also order them online. I tried the mint chocolate chip, I thought it was just okay. I would like more chocolate and less mint flavor. I would also recommend heating them up in the micro for a couple of seconds.

I got my nails done after work and it took forever! I got to my mom’s around 8:30ish and wanted something quick. I heated up a Lean Cuisine pizza and had it with salad. Easy and delicious (that was actually my nickname in college, just kidding!).
I snacked on these while heating up my foodies.
Dessert was a Vita Top with Penguin’s sf chocolate mint frozen yogurt. I don’t know if it’s because it’s old or what, but this ice cream is not good. Boo. It tastes so artificial.
Food Find: My mom brought these home – she said they were giving them away free at church. Isn’t that weird? I wonder if they thought she looked needy. Oh well. I tried one. They are basically like a squished up fig with some nuts in it. I know some of you out there would love them since you love figs so much, but not I said the non-fig loving girl.


One Response

  1. Lean Cuisine pizza? Take a look at the ingredients. It is a chemical feast.

    As for aspartame when you are tempted take a look at this web site.


    BTW… peanut butter and jelly is fine if they are organic.

    Thanks for letting me post.

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