Today I love … chocolate

True. I started my little Tuesday morning with a little speed work followed by a 25 minute walk with the dogs 🙂 Nothing makes me happier than a good run or a walk with my dogs.

After reflecting on what I used to eat when I was 15 pounds lighter and how to get protein in my diet in an easy way (read: no cooking raw meat) I decided I needed some nf milk. I stopped on the way to work and grabbed some cereal – Kashi Cinnamon Harvest and Fiber One and some nf milk. I made the bowl of cereal right in my car and ate it on my drive (I already had the naner). I did spill a little on the seat, but nothing major.
On my lunch I went to Cost Co because we need dog food and I need fruit. Yes, I need it need it, like I will flip my sh*t if I don’t get more cherries before the season is over. I ate a bunch of cherries on the way back to work and some grapes. I also had a bunch of samples – granola, pita chips with hummus, bite of cupcake, salad. This is why you shouldn’t go to Cost Co during lunch time. There is no way I could turn that stuff down!

The other reason I went to Cost Co is because they were giving out coupons last time I went for alcohol. They had $5.00 off a huge bottle of Parrot Bay – WHICH I LOVE. Also, they had coupons for beer and we are going to Big Bear next weekend which requires a lot of beer of course. So, contrary to my normal habits I will have to start consuming massive amounts of Parrot Bay. I mix it with pineapple juice, so at least I will be getting Vitamin C right?

I wasn’t very hungry for lunch when I got back to work, what with eating a pound of cherries and all, but I knew I should eat something so I don’t have a snack attack later. I made a PB&J just like yesterday only this time I toasted it. Watch out, I am getting fancy now.
Oooh, I almost forgot about this. I got this piece of chocolate from Cost Co too! It is 72% percent cocoa with cocoa nibs. I was amazing, rich and the perfect size for a little chocolate craving after a meal. I might go back and buy a bag of these. The only problems is because it is Cost Co the bag probably has 4,752 pieces of candy and I will eat them in 5 or 6 days.


2 Responses

  1. Eating cereal while driving = talent. I haven’t moved past sandwiches and oatmeal while driving. 🙂

  2. I joke that I can eat cereal, text and put on my make-up – on the freeway! I am just asking for an accident.

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