There is something wrong with me. I have this set of things I eat and when I deviate from foods I’ve deemed as “okay” it completely ruins the rest of my day. I don’t know how to allow myself to eat healthy with a treat or a meal that is not healthy without completely throwing the whole day in the trash. This is a bad habit that comes from my all or nothing approach to food. I am either super healthy or say F-it and eat whatever even when I’m not hungry. Like I said before I need to start keeping track of my hunger levels before and after I eat. On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being starving and 5 being stuffed.

Lunch was a big salad with a lot of veggies topped with a chickpea cutlet. I also had half a piece of bread that was leftover from another snack. I ran out of dressing so I put on extra ketchup.
I also had a couple of crackers with PB.
Then, the bread from the company breakfast was calling me. I had seen it yesterday and it looked so good. I am a major carb lover and I really wanted a piece of this bread. But, I wasn’t even hungry – I just ate lunch literally 2 minutes before. I was on a mission to have a piece of it and nothing could stop me because I was eating for reasons other than hunger. I ate the whole piece – which was 190 calories and the top of another 2 muffins. – So, it basically turned into a binge. Now I feel like shit. Sorry for the rant. That was lame. I am going to move on from here and not trash my whole day.


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  1. Good idea, it was just one minor slip up, no big deal- your day will still be a healthy and good one!

  2. i like that blogging keeps me more aware of these kinds of things. good job being able to be honest! thats awesome. And you are hilarious, and I am super jealous of your ped egg. You don’t even want to know what skaters’ feet look like. I don’t even know if the Ped Egg could come close to fixing mine. Eeep.

    Have a great Thursday night Monica!

    ps your crackers n pb look yummay

  3. I have trouble sometimes not just blowing the rest of my eating for a day once I have a “binge” meal, but I just try to remind myself that my ONE binge is not going to cause me to gain 5 pounds. And I’ve learned that if I am SERIOUSLY craving something, it’s better for me to just give in and have it (in a reasonable portion of course), otherwise I’ll just keep munching on other random things trying to make the craving go away (which never works!).

  4. Hey, First time at your blog and I was reading the blog about buying the D&D coffee. I thought it was funny since we have actually taken friends from the west coast out on drives to show them the amount of D&D’s out here on the east coast, on every block.

    As for the over-eatting/binging thing. You can binge on anything. Healthy or unhealthy, so it better to have the one lil piece of unhealthy or to just stuff your face with the all the healthy things in your house. Sometimes it’s just easier to induldge count it and move on.

  5. Thanks ladies. I do appreciate you being so supportive and positive when I feel like I’m going off the deep end 🙂

    Aimee – you are completely right about eating 1 unhealthy thing versus stuffing your face with healthy things.

  6. Wow, I read this and know exactly what you mean, as I have felt the same way of late… I was almost thinking of starting a blog just to make myself accountable. It’s good to hear that I am not alone, and the suggestions on how to break this bad habit are also helpful!

    Keep up the good work!

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