It’s still Wednesday …

Hi, it’s me Monica. It’s still Wednesday and I still need to find a new job. What’s going on with you guys?

My afternoon snack was watermelon. I shouldn’t have to tell you that I ate more than is pictured here.

Snacky habit – I always grab random food when I get to my mom’s. It’s a really bad habit. Today it was a couple of handfuls of Kashi Trail Mix. Dinner was a piece of garlic cheese bread and a piece made into pizza. I made it on my whole wheat sandwich bread. I tried not to use too much cheese. Both pieces were really good πŸ™‚ But I was not very full after dinner. I don’t think I ate enough protein today.
So, after dinner I had a Vita Top with a glass of milk (for protein). I was a lot more satisfied after the milk. I had no idea what else I could have that had easy protein.
After walking the dogs I went to Penguin’s for frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is my favorite treat. Yum!
I also picked up an extra container of frozen yogurt for another time. Chocolate Mint is one of my favorite flavors πŸ™‚ score!


4 Responses

  1. All of that looks sooo good, especially the watermelon and frozen yogurt

  2. Bummer about the job! I totally know how much it sucks to be in a job that you dread every day. I quit my last job without having anything else lined up and it was the scariest but best thing I’ve ever done. Just start sending your resume everywhere!!

  3. Ashley, I think watermelon is my most photographed food lately.

    Stephanie, I am hoping to get up the courage to do that soon. In the meantime I am sending out resumes. Thanks for the support πŸ™‚

  4. What are you doing right now? My job from hell was working for a publicist-it was like Devil Wears Prada style……

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