Weekend Recap

For blogging purposes we are going to pretend like Friday and Saturday didn’t happen. It’s just going to take too long to catch up and I ate like shit anyways. No, really bad. I haven’t been very bad with my eating in a while and I just felt myself falling into old habits. I have definitely used food as something other than fuel in the past. I started doing this again over these couple of days. Struggles with emotional eating and disordered eating patterns are very hard to completely stop. Every now and then I fall back into a habit that is not healthy for my body or my mind. I think I need to work on being aware of when and why I am eating. I want to start gauging my hunger levels before and after I eat.

Anyways, we are starting over and putting my Friday and Saturday in the past. But first, let me say this to give you an idea of my weekend – after a Saturday night white party we stopped at 24hr CVS for Dibs. Yes, my friends, I ate them (with the BF of course). I reluctantly glanced at the nutrition info – I shouldn’t have. One serving is 520 calories. What.the.fuck.

I started off Sunday with what was supposed to be a long run. This run was horrible for a few reasons:
1. I ate like crap Saturday – not proper fueling
2. I went to sleep at 2am – not enough rest
3. I had to wake up at 7am to start running because it was so hot – see above, lack of rest
4. It was 86 degrees at 7am and if I waited any longer to run I would possibly die.
So, I ran the first half and walked the rest. Boo.

When I got back I had some cereal, AM, naner and raisins. and cherries 🙂
and later watermelon 🙂 🙂

Since it was so hot we went swimming in the community pool. By the time we got back it was 2:30pm and we were starving. I had some PB and pretzels while making lunch.
We split a Lean Cuisine pizza and made a quick southwest fried rice dish. We just made up the fried rice recipe as we went along and it turned out really good! While we were watching Reno 911 I had some snacks.
I still felt munchy, but knew I had eaten enough crap, so my only option was carrots.

We walked to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner – El Cholo. It’s about a 15 minute walk each way.
I ate chips and salsa, but didn’t take a pic – sorry! But, I kinda feel like chips and salsa at a Mexican place are a given right?
I started with a Caesar salad, dressing on the side.
My entree came with veggies and rice, but I substituted black beans. I also had a small flour tortilla. Corn tortillas are better for you, but this place makes the flour tortillas themselves. You can taste the difference.
I had the swordfish and shrimp on spinach with mango salsa. It was delicious. I only ate 1 of the shrimp and gave the rest to the BF. I’m not big on shrimp for some reason.
This place brings these candies to you with the check. They are like little disks of caramel and pecans. They melt in your mouth! Very rich.


2 Responses

  1. omg dibs are the devil. holy crap. 520 cal/serving??? i once had those with a friend while watching a movie. we ate them straight out of the container and i guarantee i had more than 1 serving because with things like that the serving is what like 2 dibs? those just need to stay as far away from me as possible. they should be illegal or something.

  2. They are evil. I can’t believe how bad the nutritional info was. I mean, they are really good, but they didn’t change my life.

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