Today I love … CHERRIES!!!

Hello! Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂

I started today with a couple of speedy strides around the local park – need to get some speed work in. I would run fast (I don’t want to call it sprinting) around the long portions and walk the short ones to recover. Then, I walked the perros for 30 minutes.

Breakfast was Kashi waffles with an egg (cooked in knock off Pam) and a naner. I heated up a tbsp of maple syrup for topping. It was great. I love mixing egg and waffles or pancakes with syrup. That is one great salty/sweet way to start the day. So, I failed. I said I wasn’t going to buy any food until Sunday, but I ran out of cherries and watermelon dang it! I had no choice, but to restock at least 1 of my favorite summer fruits. I had to go to Cost Co for gas on my lunch break and since I was there and all… I might as well get a watermelon. Then, I saw the cherries were $11.99 for 4 pounds. A-MAZ-ING! It would be dumb not to buy them at this price – that’s 3 dollars a pound! So, I bought some cherries… and 2 watermelons! I know, I know, I have a problem. Why did I find it necessary to buy 2 watermelons? Because I am messed up in the head. But, in my defense – the watermelons were $4.49 each! Again, it would have been dumb not to buy 2. Don’t judge me.

I didn’t take a picture of all the cherries I ate because I was driving back to work while stuffing my face. I should feel bad about it, but I don’t. Here is a file picture, but my cherries were better than this. They are huge and dark and ripe. I am getting worked up just writing about them. Help.
When I got back to work I had my planned lunch – couscous salad. I love couscous. What do they put in it, crack? Seriously.
Then, in an effort to feel like a failure about everything in my life right now I bought a Diet Dr.Pep. My life is going down the shitter one diet soda at a time…


4 Responses

  1. I drink diet soda too often as well. Shh don’t tell anyone. I figure I eat enough veggies to make up for the aspartame. Lame huh?

    And you make me chuckle. I always enjoy reading your blog. Crack couscous, sperm sweet potatoes…keep it coming keep it coming!

  2. Dont be so hard on yourself… maybe try to set small daily goals or in some situations I have had to learn not to buy certain foods/keep them in the house.

  3. I compulsively buy large quantities of fruit too. At least it’s fruit and not candy bars, that’s what I tell myself.

  4. Gliding, yeah let’s not tell anyone about the diet soda thing. I totally justify it to myself since I am healthy.

    Anon, thanks 🙂

    Arielle, Heck yeah! At least it’s not candy bars! But, candy bars would be cheaper I think…

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