This morning started with a easy 6. I didn’t feel like running at first and just wanted to walk, but I got warmed up and just kept going.

Chocolate Cereal!
Breakfast was Kashi Good Friends, a handful of PB Puffins and a sprinkle of granola. I didn’t have a regular AM open, so I used the chocolate AM again.
These are apricots from my tree. So good. I had 2 when I got to work.

I was super hungry for lunch today. I have found that the cereal holds me for about 2 1/1 to 3 hours, but no more than that. I don’t know if I should just eat lunch a half an hour earlier or add in a snack. Hmm.
Lunch – a big salad with basalmic. I made this at work. I basically take over the work fridge with all my food. I’m sure my co-workers hate me for it. My salad looks good, but when I made it I was sad that there was no red in it. It needed tomatoes.
I had 1 sprouted bun left in the freezer. I had a veggie burger on the sprouted bun with mustard and ketchup.
No red, no problem. I got my red requirement for the day via watermelon. But, now I am all out!!! Boo. Let’s see if I can wait till this weekend to get another one. I might have to just go on Friday because I am already craving it.
After lunch I had my vitamins and 2 adora disks. This 2 chocolates a day is becoming a habit!


2 Responses

  1. I’m jealous of the fact that you have your own apricot tree. I want a fruit true.

    The meals all look super tasty. Now I crave some juicy watermelon!

  2. Hey lighter, it is nice to have home grown apricots, but the tree only gives fruit once a year. So, I am taking advantage now.

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