Sunday Accountability

I want to recap Sunday so I can keep track of my weekend eating. Nothing exciting.
I started the day with an 11 mile run. I felt really good 🙂 I need to start upping my long runs.

Breakfast was toast, 1 piece with PB and chocolate chips the other with butter stuff.
And I made a PB and naner smoothie with almond milk. Heaven in a glass.

I ate watermelon after getting ready to go. The plan was to go to my mom’s to hang out with her and Matt and BBQ.
We stopped at TJ’s for BBQ-ing food and picked up these Snapea Crisps. I had never tried them before and the BF suggested them, so I gave them a whirl. They are delicious. But, they have basically the same calorie/fat profile as chips.
We also got pita chips. Can you tell that we were eating in the car on the way to my moms? Ha.
At my mom’s we were on a mission to pick avocados. We have 2 huge avocado trees, a fig tree, an apricot tree and an orange tree in the yard. We’re very lucky. Avocados are so expensive and delicious! Here is one of the avocados trees.

Here is the fig tree. Unfortunately, we were too late. Most of the figs were over-ripe. Eh, I don’t really like them anyway but, my Nina was disappointed.
Here are a few of the avocados we picked. We must have over 40 pounds of them! We say we’re going to take them to the farmer’s market to sell but, then we end up eating them and giving them to friends.
Linner (lunch/dinner) started with chips and salsa. I snacked a lot while I was cooking, so I was not that hungry when we sat down to eat. That is a bad habit I need to stop! I always do that. Any tips on how to stop?

Guac from our backyard organic avocados 🙂 This was not from the avocados we just picked. It usually takes a couple of days in a brown paper bag to get them ripe.
The main meal was a veggie burger on sprouted bread with the fixings, grilled bell pepper and salad with goddess dressing (my new obsession).
I had a piece of chocolate at some point in the day and another bite later.

I grabbed a doughnut back at the BF’s. I was feeling snacky, but wasn’t really hungry.And we had smoothie left over from the earlier in the day and I couldn’t let it go waste so, I added more vanilla ice cream and PB and blended it again.
A VitaTop, my night cap.


2 Responses

  1. maybe try chewing gum while youre cooking, that sometimes helps me

  2. Thanks, I’ll try it and report back

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