Random Snacks

The rest of my day consisted of random snacking. I thought I was hungry so I had some crackers with PB. It is hard to tell if I was really hungry though, because I was so tired and probably dehydrated too.
I made a veggie burger with mustard and ketchup for some protein. I was hoping this would stop my “snacky-ness”.
Over the course of the morning I had this bar. They are really good, but super processed.

I also grabbed some handfuls of Flax Plus. This was definitely not out of hunger. It was even a little stale. What the heck Monica?

I had 2 of these dark chocolate calciums. They are so good. At least they are good for me right?
I did get a little hungry late in the afternoon so I had a VitaTop with some Yogi tea. My tea bag’s message was: “Your intuition is your best friend” – I think this is true. I need to use my belly’s intuition to know when/how much to eat.

Opps! I ate these. They were not nearly as yummy as the Vita Top, but I was tired and stressed at the end of the day. And then to add insult to injury – they have high fructose corn syrup in them!!! Serves me right for eating this crap I didn’t need. I hope I die.
I was majorly lacking veggies today so I made a big salad with beans (pinto), avocado, tapatio, a little cilantro dressing and some feta cheese. It was delicious. I love HUGE salads. I am truly a volume eater.
I had some sf butter pecan ice cream for dessert. It’s too sweet because it is full of artificial sweeteners. That takes away from the buttery goodness it is supposed to have.
I also grabbed a couple handfuls of Kashi trail mix when I got home. That is a bad habit I have since I come into my mom’s house via the kitchen. I have to start using another door.


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