Florida Mondaily

I was able to run on Monday in the crazy Florida heat and humidity. I am a California girl so this humidity kills me. I love the heat, but southern California is a desert so I am used to dry heat.

After that hot run I made a smoothie for breakfast. I randomly threw things we had in the kitchen in the blender: banana, kefir, strawberries, skim milk, ice, a little juice. It hit the spot! (Am I the only one that thinks kefir is a funny word? I’m not even going to go there.)
I also ate cereal out of the box.
We went fishing for a little bit with the fam. Here is the BF using the net to catch bait.
I was hoping to see a manatee, but no such luck. Someone else spotted one, but I didn’t see it. I love manatees. Isn’t that weird? I have loved them since I was a kid and heard about how people who drive their boats fast hurt them. I even made bookmarks to sell so I could send money to save the manatees. I was a weird kid.

Lunch was a spicy black bean burger on health nut something or other bread.

and a fancy salad. I am going to start making salads like this at home. I could not get enough of them. I made pistachio fluff – which the BF’s sister called alligator pie (that’s Florida speak). It’s just cool whip, sf pistachio pudding and a can of crushed pineapple. I am going to stop using cool whip though, I read the ingredients and don’t want to put that stuff in my body anymore. I think I got it from the Weight Watcher message boards.
On a healthy note – I made a fruit salad. See, I am not trying to kill anyone with over processed food. Well, not most of the time anyways.
Happy Hour!

The time share has a social hour with beverages and a raffle. I got some chip mix stuff and a coconut pineapple rum punch. It was so good!
Here is me on my second cup of punch. Do I look guilty or happy? I can’t decide.

Dinner was fish from this morning. The BF’s dad, brother and grandpa caught snapper.It was so tasty and fresh. I have never had homemade fried fish so this was a treat. I also had a veggie rib-let and some black beans and rice.
With some leftover fruit from lunch.
Since it was there… another piece of chocolate heaven. I mean, cake, chocolate cake.
At the social hour the BF’s sister strapped her baby to him. Apparently, this was amusing to both the BF and the baby. (But, I do think it made him uncomfortable as he felt the need to tell a stranger in the elevator that it was not his baby.) Thanks for the clarification!
I also snacked on random cookies, chips throughout the day, but no pics – because if I didn’t take a picture than it doesn’t count. Right?
Later in the evening I warmed up some cookies in the microwave to make them soft. I warmed them up a little too much,because you can see a burn mark on the one in the upper left side of the plate. Opps!
I was just tired and everyone else was wide freakin’ awake watching reruns of It’s Always Sunny in Phillie/The Office and I wanted to play along, so I ate to stay awake and alert. Bad Monica!


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