Wednesday Recap

Public service announcement: Don’t eat this!
This is a chocolate covered pineapple.
A co-worker brought these in after her Hawaiian vacation. They are not good. The pineapple on the inside looks brown/black and is a weird texture. So, I ate the chocolate from around the pineapple and threw the rest away. You didn’t expect me to throw away perfectly good chocolate did you? Estimate:40 So I had a VitaTop for my chocolate fix. Estimate: 100
Dinner was random things from my mom’s fridge. It consists of black beans with a little cheese, brown rice and rotisserie chicken.
I had some veggies on the side for the “health” factor. Dinner estimate: 600
I had some Kashi trail mix for a snack before and after dinner. Estimate: 250
Wednesday total: 1910 cals


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