Tuesday recap

I had a Kashi waffle with a little PB for a snack. I didn’t take a bite yet, a piece fell off because it had thawed. Estimate: 140

I had half a Clif Z bar because they are good. Estimate: 70
I got to my mom’s and discovered this:
This cereal is so good. I gave some to Matt and said, “Do you want to taste Heaven?” Which he thought was hilarious and completely agreed. But, the nutrition info is from hell. 3/4 a cup is 200 calories! That is way too much to just snack on, especially when I “snack” on cereal – which means eat 2 cups at least. I ate a couple of handfuls of this. Estimate: 200 cals
I cut a watermelon and ate a bunch. Estimate: 90
Dinner was TJ’s eggplant parmesan. Estimate: 160cals
I was tired which is part of the reason I got some ice cream. I was ready for sleep at 8:30pm, but I was helping my mom on the computer with stuff. I should have went to sleep. Estimate: 140
Tuesday total approx: 1700


2 Responses

  1. omg i am OBSESSED with cracklin oat bran. Unfortunately I think it is the reason that I gained the freshman 15 (err—25) in college. They had it in the bulk bins and I would just grab scoops of it as I walked by and munch on it constantly. It’s also really really good on frozen yogurt. But I don’t recommend you try it because honestly you won’t be able to stop!

  2. Yeah, that sounds good, but I probably shouldn’t try it!

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