Today I love … Wednesday

One day closer to my vay-cay! I leave tomorrow night for Marco Island in Florida. Woo-hoo! I am so excited, but I have been in vacation mode all week. Opps! I still have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to work, but I can’t make myself. Ahhh.

I did an easy 3 today and then walked the perros for about 40 minutes.

Breakfast was 1/2c eggbeaters with ketchup and a PB and naner wrap.
I’ve been wanting to put a naner and PB in these whole wheat wraps since I got them. It was very satisfying. Estimate: 400 cals
I ate some cherries when I got to work even though I was still kind of full from breakie.
I found these at Target while on my lunch – dark chocolate Figamajigs. I had to have them. I only had a few of them, but the whole package is 150 calories, 4g fat and 3g fiber – not bad for a chocolate treat. Estimate: 75
Lunch was a turkey sandwich on sprouted bread with carrots and the last of my hummus. I use bagged salad for lettuce in my sandwiches. I don’t use a whole lettuce head’s worth in my sandwich in time to eat it before it goes bad. This means I have salad and lettuce for sandwiches. I’ve been trying to get away from eating meat, but didn’t have any veggie burgers at work and took this turkey from my mom’s this morning.
I also had some watermelon because now I have a ton from the one I cut yesterday and I have a day and a half to eat it before my trip. I’ll probably take the rest on the plane. That’s if I have any left. Don’t underestimate my watermelon eating ability.
Lunch estimate: 355


3 Responses

  1. your sandwich looks yummy! i love turkey sandwiches. so refreshing.

    and oh my gosh…totally know what you mean about Cracklin Oat Bran… SOOO GOOD. don’t you wish things like that had like 5 calorie per cup. how amazing would that be. it’s good, but i try to stay away haha…i have no control with that stuff!

  2. I have to find these figamajigs.

  3. The figamajigs were in the protein bar aisle in Target. They were in those bins that sell bars individualy. I’m not sure how I spotted them actually because the aisle was a mess and they were in a bottom bin.

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