Rest of Monday

I had a yogurt with cereal mixed in for a snack. I would say about a cup or so because I kept adding more as I ate it. Estimate: 300 calories.
Then, I snacked on this stuff while cooking dinner. The whole baggie of watermelon and a couple of handfuls of the other stuff. Estimate: 150For dinner I made a chicken noodle casserole thing that I knew Matt would eat. I used whole wheat noodles, reduced sodium mushroom soup, peas and rotisserie chicken. It didn’t come out very good. I kept trying to season it and so I ate a bunch while cooking. I would say about 1 cup or so. Estimate: 300 Dessert was about a cup of sf butter pecan ice cream. It was so good. I love ice cream too much. The package said it was 90 calories for half a cup, but that is hard to believe. Estimate: 250
Monday estimate: 1910


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  1. I always eat while I cook and then by the time I sit down to eat I’m full.

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