So, um we kinda like cereal around here…

Today is a rest day since I have a long run planned for tomorrow. I just went for a long walk with the perros. Breakfast was a BIG bowl of a bunch of cereals with almond milk. I couldn’t decide what cereal I wanted, so I had them all!I used all these cereals to make my bowl. After I was done with the bowl I had a little more of my favorites. I shouldn’t have done that. Boo.

We also had these, but I didn’t want any since I used to eat these ones every single day for years. Plus, these are the cereals I have at home and I wanted something different.

I think it is easier for me to overeat cereal when I am having it with milk. I don’t overeat it with yogurt because the yogurt stops and you don’t go open a new container of it, but you can go get a little more milk, then a little more cereal, then a little more milk… forever! I do that.
Once I am done with this milk/almond milk I may stick to yogurt.


One Response

  1. INTERESTING about you/the yogurt.

    alas it doesnt work for me.

    Im the same with cereal as I am with shampoo: Lather (pour) Rinse (chow) Repeat (repeat!!)


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