Wednesday All Day

I went for a short run in the morning then took the perros for a walk. It’s was probably about an hour total
Breakfast was an oat bran pancake with a couple of blueberries tossed in. I also had about 1/2 a cup of egg beaters with ketchup. It was a very satisfying breakie since I’ve been craving pancakes so bad!
I had a doctor’s appointment before work. I stopped back at home to grab some stuff and had some cherries and watermelon while cleaning up and stuff.

Lunch was a veggie deli meat sandwich on a sprouted bun with lettuce. I also had carrots and broccoli with hummus. These are new carrots I bought from TJ’s not the poison carrots from the other day – which I am still taking back if I can find the receipt.

Doesn’t this meal look so healthy?
I snacked on a couple of Kashi crackers with PB because I wanted to.

I had some greek yogurt with a splenda and some cereal mixed in for snack. The container probably only had about 1/3 left so I ate it right out of there. I also tried this soda – it’s Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate. Doesn’t it sound disgusting? I got it from the 99 Cent Store, so I figured it was no real loss if I hated it. It was okay, not disgusting, but I don’t think I’d get it again. It did taste like chocolate though. It was weird. That is my friend Adriel in the background. He’s funny.

I had half a mini Cliff Bar because I like to eat half of things? I don’t know why okay. It is what it is.

Dinner was a big salad with which I ate a ton of croutons. I love croutons, especially garlic cheese ones. Mmm. I made a shrimp/hot sausage stir-fry for the BF and I. I put it on ww couscous with ICBNB spray and a bunch of salt. I also had a veggie burger because the stir-fry thing was a kit with shrimp and veggies (I added the sausage per BF’s request) and it didn’t have a lot of shrimp. I wasn’t going to eat the sausage and would give most of the shrimp to the BF, so I figured I needed more protein.

Dessert was a flour-less chocolate walnut cookie because sometimes you just need some chocolate 🙂 I also had a bite of No Bake cookies, which I have to come up with another name for. I am having Matt work on it.


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