Back to Business Tuesday

In order to get caught up on the blog I am just going to break down Tuesday and Wednesday’s eats. Sorry I am so behind on this! I will be a better blogger from now on.

I went out for an about 5.6 or something mile run first thing in the morning.
I snacked on some watermelon on my drive home.
Breakfast was a mix of Kashi Go Lean, Flax Plus and Nature’s Path granola with skim milk.

I went to Costco on my lunch and had a couple of samples – so add in about 140 calories here.
Lunch was a frozen buckwheat noodle bowl with carrots. Turns out the carrots I just bought from Costco are bad or something. They taste really weird and I have to take them back. I even confirmed it with a co-worker – bad carrots!

I needed some chocolate so I had this bar. It is just like a candy bar with 150 cals and a bunch of fiber and protein. Yum.

Since I hadn’t met my PB requirement for the day I had a couple of Kashi crackers with some PB.

On the way home I stopped at TJ’s for the ingredients for No Bake cookies. I got a box of Frosted Maple & Brown Sugar Wheats and cracked it open for a couple of handfuls. I wasn’t really hungry – this is just a bad habit 😦

I had a couple bites of the orange chicken with brown rice my mom made, but decided I wanted something else.

I made a burrito on a La Tortilla Factory high fiber tortilla. Notice the burn marks. We have an electrical stove so I put the tortillas right on the spiral burner and this happens. I like it a little burnt.

The guts. I filled it with some veggie ground meat, lettuce, cheese, tapatio and black beans. The black beans were super fresh. My mom had just finished cooking them. So good.

I was still a little hungry so I had some brown rice with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray and salt mixed with plain salad. It was so good and the lettuce didn’t have anything on it. I was craving salty and put a lot of salt on the rice/lettuce mix.

After I took the dogs for a short walk I made the No Bake Cookies everyone has been talking about. Ummm, Hello. This is dangerous. They are so good, take no time to make and can be eaten in mass quantities very easily. This is a recipe for disaster, seriously. I packed up most of them to take to the BF. The thing is I still eat the stuff I bring him when I am over there. I might have to hold him down and force feed him so they are gone. I would do that. Because I am a good girlfriend who makes him cookies and stuff.


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