Saturday – San Francisco here we come

We stayed in San Simeon Friday night because we didn’t want to worry about driving all the way up to San Francisco if traffic was horrible. So we woke up Saturday morning and took a nice little walk on the beach. It is beautiful up there. The beaches are rocky and picturesque and quiet (not full of peeps and stuff).
I didn’t run but I pretended to for the picture.

Saturday Breakfast –

The Quality Inn San Simeon had a free continental breakfast, but I brought oatmeal and made it with their hot water and bowls and stuff. I grabbed an apple, but didn’t like it so I gave it to Ben. I don’t usually like green apples. I had a bite of the pastry Ben was eating too.

On the way to SF we stopped at a cherry stand. Big Surprise.

I don’t remember when, but some point on the drive I ate another bag of cherries too.

Saturday Lunch –

We ate chips and carrots with hummus and ranch dressing.

I also made a lettuce wrap with veggie deli slices and hummus. I wasn’t that hungry since I ate so many chips and stuff. I made Ben a ham sandwich bagel.

Saturday dinner –
Fisherman’s Wharf!
We went to a little restaurant on the Wharf. I had to have a sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder. I ate a lot of the bread bowl. A lot a lot. I love the inside guts part that they take out and give you on the side. It’s so soft and doughy and perfect for dipping into the chowder. I had been looking forward to this for a long time, it didn’t disappoint. I also had a salad topped with crab. I didn’t like the crab on it, too cold and plain. I wanted something warm and buttery since I had been watching people eat crab from the shell outside. I pushed most of the crab away and ate the salad. I also had a ton of fries and calamari from Ben’s plate.


We went to Ghirardelli Square for dessert after a walk back to the hotel for a pants change. I was wearing a skirt and it was too cold! Luckily it was a nice little walk to let dinner settle before dessert.

We ordered a sundae with 1 scoop of each: chocolate and mint chip ice cream, topped with dark chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a dark chocolate square. We also got a cup of drinking chocolate that came with biscotti. Heaven. The chocolate sauce on the ice cream is made from their dark chocolate, it was so rich and delicious. I think there were even spots where there was too much sauce! But, I’m not complaining.

The drinking chocolate was amazing. It was very thick and rich. It tasted like you were drinking a melted dark chocolate bar – it was that thick! Ben said, “This is the most meaningful chocolate experience of my life.” The drinking chocolate really is an experience. If you love dark chocolate I would suggest you try it. I actually was not in love with it though. I prefer to eat my chocolate not drink it.

Because I have a problem with food I am going to be honest here. I figured I totally pigged out today. I ate a lot and was very full. I actually was overly full and felt like crap. So, I went back to the hotel room and ate the rest of the chocolate chip cookie from Friday night and a piece of a chocolate walnut cookie. Why? I don’t know, if I did know I wouldn’t have such a struggle losing weight. I used to have a major problem with the binge eating/restricting cycle. I am doing very well now. But, sometimes I do go back to my past bad habits. I am writing this for accountability. I am very ashamed of this, but the only way I can stop is to identify why I do it and find a way to stop.


2 Responses

  1. that soup sounds amazing! mm doughy bread = heaven. And I too struggle with listening to my body…we all do…at least you are able to notice it.. Tomorrow is another day!

  2. Ive been reading your blog for a long time, and I have the same troubles with food…binging/restricting, and its really nice to see someone whos doing so well, y’know? I totally understand about the cookie, I do it all the time. “Ive already blown the day whats one more thing?”, when sometimes, I dont even WANT what Im eating! Its so hard, and I always wonder why the eating disorder happened to me, but…oh well. I just want to say that youre doing so much better than me, keep it up!

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