Friday – Vacation Time!

Friday is normally a rest day for me, but I went for a long run since I would miss a quality weekend run while I was out of town. The weather was cold and windy – what is up with that? I am not used to that in So Cal, so I wanted to stop about half way through since it was starting to sprinkle. But, I powered through it and it didn’t start raining at all! Yeah! I did about 11 miles.

Friday Breakfast –
Post run I had a Thomas’ WW mini square bagel with egg beaters and sharp cheddar. I ate it open face and had the other half with whipped cream cheese.

While I was packing up I had the rest of this Advantage bar. These are really good, they taste like candy bars and are full of protein and fiber for only about 150 calories. I know they are full of processed stuff though, the only downside. I had ate a couple bites of this the other day, so it wasn’t a full bar.Friday Lunch –
I packed a lunch to eat on the road since we were leaving around 1pm. I had a PB&J on sprouted barley bread. and some cherries.

I bought these at TJ’s because I have been craving cookies. These are flour less chocolate walnut cookies. They are very fudge-y and rich.Friday Dinner –
We stopped in a restaurant in Buellton – Pea Soup Anderson’s. There were a bunch of signs on the road advertising this place and it got us. They claim to be the home of the split pea soup or the best split pea soup or something like that. Split Pea soup sounded pretty good and so we stopped.
This picture will not get straight so I’m leaving it.
The restaurant is just outside of the little Dutch town Solvang. It is very cute and has a store and a lot of memorabilia all over the walls. They also have a little bakery section for after dinner treats (more to come on that).

Friday Dinner –
For dinner I had soup and salad. I couldn’t come here and not get the soup. It was good! It came with some kind of cheese bread and rye bread. The bread was not good, but I was hungry so I ate it. I even put butter on it. Boo! But, I did run 11 miles and my body was hungry.
The soup was good, I could have ate another bowl. They actually have an All You Can Eat option for the soup, but I didn’t order that.

I also had a salad with ranch on the side. Why is restaurant ranch so good?!

We stopped at the bakery on the way out and got an almond horn and a massively huge chocolate chip cookie to share.


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