Today I love … water

I am super thirsty today.

I have a confession to make. I have fallen off the quiting diet soda wagon. I drank 2 diet sodas yesterday. Boo.

I did 6 miles today. Felt good, it was cool and overcast out, which is a nice change from the heat. Yesterday it was 76 degrees at 7am!
Breakfast was about 1c Flax Plus, a naner, a little Nature’s Path granola and 1c skim. I am so torn on what milk to drink. I try to stay away from cow’s milk, but I need protein in the morning after I run. Almond milk, which I love, only has 1 gram of protein per serving. I don’t know…

Also, I am trying to figure out if cereal keeps me full. I did not feel very full after I was done with this bowl and it was over 300 calories! I am so much more full after I eat oat bran and that is about 200 calories. I am not sure what is my “ideal breakfast”. I want to start my day healthy and fueled.

I had some watermelon when I got to work. I had about 50% more than what is pictured. I was pretty full after adding this in. But, that could be because I drank more water.
Countdown! 16 days till my beach vacation!


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