Despite getting home at 3:30am last night I got up and went for a 5.5 mile run Sunday. It felt so good after a rest day. Breakfast was 1 cup almond milk with a mix of cereals: 3/4c Flax Plus, 1/2 GLCrunch, 1/4c Natures Path Granola and a huge orange. I ended up eating the orange with lunch. Estimate: 390 Lunch – I stole some of Ben’s Togo’s sandwich. I didn’t get my own because I was still full from breakfast. Estimate: 100

With the bites of sandwich I also had some Multi Grain Chips. Estimate: 70

Then, I had a chocolate chip dunker, because they were there. Estimate: 90

My mom made cupcakes the night before, but it was my job to frost and sprinkle. I had some licks of frosting during this process. I also had an unfrosted cupcake. Estimate: 200Then, I had one of the finished product. Estimate: 200
I snacked on watermelon while cooking. Estimate: 80
I attempted to make a spinach dip with multi grain bread dippers. It was not good.
Estimate: 100Dinner for mom was mashed potatoes, salad, chicken and swordfish. I ate double to mashed potatoes you see here since I made them and kept tasting it to see if it needed anything.
The swordfish was really oily, but tasted pretty good. Estimate: 800Dessert was cupcakes. Here is Matt enjoying his.

I had an apricot on the way home. It was small. Estimate: 30 Since dinner was so early Ben and I stopped at Golden Spoon. We shared a regular size with granola. Estimate: 200

Total estimate for the day is about 2300. Wow. That is high. It was a good weekend, but I did eat way too much. It’s hard to get back on track after you slip. Today is a new day.

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