Today I love … Camping

Here is our campsite ^ above. I will talk about where we went camping and give a review tomorrow.

Below is a pic of me going into the out house. Yeah, that’s pleasant. I wish I could learn to hold it for 24 hours at a time.
This is how to eat while camping, a PB & Banana sandwich on a whole wheat english muffin. I actually only had a bite of this and a bite of the Cliff Bar ( I am holding the wrapper). I was still full from yesterday. Ben had the rest.
This is the stash I took with us – Cookies, a ton of water, trail mix, carrots, mangoes, PB, english muffins, fruit,baggie of cereal and bars. I ate some fruit and the cereal and half a Lara bar on the hike down. Estimate: 250 calories
On the way home we stopped at the Farmer’s Market in Laguna Beach. This picture is like porn to me.
We picked up 2 pounds of cherries ($10, but so worth it), oranges, strawberries and garlic naan.
Lunch was veggies… Estimate: 40 calories, I didn’t eat the carrots.
and leftovers – it was the Mexican food from the other night and some garlic naan. Estimate: 300 calories.
I also had a couple of bites of Ben’s eggs with cheese. We basically share anything we eat, so we just put the plates down and I picked from them. Estimate: 100 calories.
Then, a strawberry smoothie made from our strawberry stash, ice, milk and a little sugar. Estimate: 200 calories.
I am off to Palm Springs again. See you later!!!


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