Sushi and a movie

I went on a dinner and a movie date (with my BF). We had sushi, but not the normal healthy sushi other bloggers post about. We ordered the bad stuff. Ben insisted that his body was craving something fried, so I am lucky we just got sushi and not some “wings” place or something. We started with some miso soup (no picture) and tempura. I had a shrimp tempura and half a piece of the sweet potato, broccoli and a bite of the mushroom and onion pieces. I ordered California rolls and in the background is Ben’s Niko Niko roll. His had cream cheese, which sounded gross to me so I didn’t try it. I had about 4 pieces of the California roll.

We shared the Hungry Roll. It had avocado, crab, cucumber and tempura shrimp inside and eel on the outside. I had about 3 pieces of that.

Dessert after watching Baby Momma was Yogurt Land. I love that place. It is self serve so I got a little bit of a bunch of flavors and a bunch of different toppings. On top is mango, strawberries, Oreo crumbs, a couple of gummy bears and a bunch of trail mix.


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