Mahi Mahi

Dinner was at Mustard Cafe. I had the Tartihi Sandwich. It tasted so fresh and flavorful. It had freshly grilled mahi mahi and tartar sauce on whole grain bread. Normally I would have asked for it without the tartar sauce because it is so high in calories and fat, but it was 8:30pm by the time we were eating and I was starving. Actually, I always make some kind of modification on food I order at restaraunts, so it was weird that I just took it “as is”. I also ordered some cream of tomato soup. I only ate half the soup, it was just okay and I know it was made with real cream, so I wanted to take it easy. And by easy I mean pig out on other things like pizza and nutella.

Ben got Hawaiian pizza from another place. I had a couple of bites of that too. Since he was with me he helped with the pictures and we realized that all the pictures I take are blurry. I am working on it. I never claimed to be Ansel Adams.

Dessert was heaven in the form of a Nutella Panini. Like I was saying earlier, dessert should include chocolate of some form. Why is Nutella so magically delicious. I want to marry it.


2 Responses

  1. I love sweet paninis!

    Never really thought of having a fish sandwhich beyond something fried and awful for you. This looks really good though, I love mahi mahi.

  2. Yeah, the sandwich is so good. I’ve never thought to grill mahi mahi at home and put it in a sandwich either.

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