Today I love … not windy days

My run this morning was so windy it felt like I was running in place. That is obviously very frustrating. It was a killer. So, I modified my route so that I was running with the wind on my back on the way back. Haha, I win this round wind!

Breakfast was oatmeal soaked in 2/3cup almond milk and South Beach granola on top. The South Beach granola comes in pre-portioned packages. This is great for a granola lover like myself. What is not great is that it doesn’t taste like the granola I’m used to. It’s more fruity and is not based on oats. I have come to discover that this breakfast does not keep me full for long. I think I need to change up the calorie count for breakfast as I eat pretty late (around 8:30am) and still want a snack before lunch. I might have to make those cottage cheese pancakes Kath swears keep her full for hours. I have my own version too, so I might just modify those with more protein.

I also had some grapes and a fruit salad mixed with greek yogurt when I got to work.

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