Farmer’s Market

A friend/co-worker and I went to the farmer’s market during lunch. I got a basket of cherries, which I proceeded to eat immediately. “God made dirt so, dirt don’t hurt.” Yes, I ate the whole container. Yes, I have a problem when it comes to watermelon and cherries. I estimate I spend 30 to 40 dollars a week on cherries alone during cherry season. They are the reason I live and breath during the summer. No, I am not being dramatic.

Lunch was a turkey sandy with carrots and hummus. I’m all out of my favorite hummus now.
An apple and popcorn were later in the afternoon. I always forget that even though I love popcorn it is a bad idea to eat it at work. No floss! I hate stuff in my teeth.

I plan on buying Hungry Girl’s new book after work. I don’t like all her stuff because I feel that a lot of her recipes are full of artificial crap. My aim is to be healthy while losing weight, not just to live off of diet coke and 100 calorie packs. But, I checked out some of the recipes online and I want to try a few, so I’ll buy the book and keep you updated…


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  1. Cute photo at the Farmer’s Market!

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