Steak Dinn-ahh!!!

Dinner last was great. It was sooooo hot in SoCal. No, really hot.
We grilled pizzas. Ben had a BBQ chicken and I made a half BBQ chicken, half soy cheese. I also made a salad with a TJ’s dressing and mixed in some TJ’s trail mix. I forget with trail mix it was, it had almond slivers, raspberries, cranberries and I think blueberries? What matters is that it was good. We didn’t eat all of it, but here they are in all their pizza glory. I think grilling BBQ chicken pizza is a great idea because the crust gets a little charred which goes perfect with BBQ sauce. I normally don’t like BBQ sauce, actually most of the time I think it’s disgusting, but I knew Ben would love this so I gave it a try. Note: If any of you do like BBQ sauce from the store be sure to read the label! Most of the sauces at the store have High Fructose Corn Syrup. Buyer Beware 🙂 I was able to find one without HFCS at a “regular” supermarket, but TJ’s might have some too.
The moral of the story is either make your own or read the ingredients carefully!

Here is Ben’s pizza. It was a beast.
The Steak Dinn-ahh! thing is an inside joke. I don’t eat steak, but I do eat dinner…

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