Sunday I was still feeling sick. I slept in then, went for short run/walk.

Breakfast and lunch were combined by the time I was back and showered. I got an enlightened Jamba Juice with granola topping. I always get the original size, but since I got the granola topping they put it in a big cup. So much smoothie granola goodness – this is my heaven.

I also got a hummus sandwich from Togo’s and ate about half of it. B: approx. 750 calories

Dinner was chicken soup and salad and pizza. I have not been eating meat, but when I am sick I let myself eat whatever my body is craving and most of the time it is chicken soup. Ben got pizza and I had to take a couple of bites. He gets this fancy shmancy pizza from Round Table that is covered in meat which I pick off. We also got a piece of pizza from Costco to compare the 2 pizzas. Every time he orders Round Table I remind him that Costco pizza is half the price and you get twice as much. But, I really only like cheese or veggie pizza and I am not an expert in the area of fancy pizzas so, it’s all the same to me. So, there is a piece of Costco pizza were were trying with the fancy pizza.

Dessert was some leftover smoothie we made from Friday night and a little over 1/2 a cup of light mint chip ice cream.


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