Food Finds

I tried TJ“s Chocolate European Style yogurt today. It was pretty good. The consistency is thick and custardy, which is different from most name brand light yogurts that are very watery. I wanted to savor the custard-ness so I didn’t stir it. When I got to the bottom of the container I found out there is chocolate on the bottom that can be stirred up to make it even more rich. That’s what I love, chocolate under chocolate. Even without stirring it up it was sweet enough. It’s more dark chocolate bittersweet than milk chocolate sugar sweet. They are $.99 and also have a coffee flavor of some kind. The nutrition information: 5.3oz., 130 calories, 2g fat, 0g fiber, 8g protein.

I also like TJ’s Orange & Bergamot Green Tea. It is unsweetened, but still takes so good because of the added orange essence. This is best ice cold even though the label says you can enjoy it hot or cold. The nutrition information: 0 everything, no calories or fat. It does have 50% Vitamin C per 8 oz. serving. (Sorry, I forgot how much these cost.)

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